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Used Oil Collection & Treatment

The United States is the largest consumer of energy in the world and as such, each year, millions of gallons of transformer oil reach the end of service. This oil has often been considered unfit for further use because of its accumulated contaminants and the loss of electrical, chemical and physical performance.

Through our proprietary technology and process, we offer a sophisticated and sustainable solution for used transformer oil. With near zero emissions and industry-leading recovery rates, our environmentally responsible and sustainable process for re-refining used transformer oil removes all detectable levels of PCBs and is vastly superior to methods of disposal for energy recovery used historically.

Asset Recovery

We undertake and facilitate all aspects of the collection, transportation and processing of used non-PCB and PCB-contaminated naphthenic-based transformer oils from power utilities, electrical maintenance companies, used oil collectors and other sources. Used oil can be drained directly from transformers on site or from storage tanks at service facilities, wherever the need arises. This used oil is then transported by a licensed carrier and processed by our proprietary technology all in compliance with EPA regulations.

PCB Treatment

Energy and cost efficient, and providing a complete treatment process for PCB, we provide PCB treatment services based on closed loop refining technology. Through patented process technologies, we completely re-manufacture and de-chlorinate the PCBs without generating hazardous by-products and with de minimis air emissions.

Environmental Impact

Hydrodec removes more than PCBs from your used oil. Companies no longer have to question where their oil goes after it leaves their facility. There is no second-guessing the environmental impact of its disposal because your used oil is never burned, blended away or reclaimed. We are the only company in the world that can transform your used oil into a high quality, carbon neutral, SUPERFINEâ„¢ transformer oil or base oil.

Our Products

Our plant in Canton, Ohio serves the US, Canada, South America, the Caribbean and Mexico. Utilities and businesses supplying used transformer oil to us are not obligated to buy back our SUPERFINE™ transformer oil, but many companies find it makes commercial sense to do so given the competitive price point, environmental sustainability and superior performance of the product.

Used Oil Collection

Used Transformer Oil Disposal Choices (US version)
Used Transformer Oil Disposal Choices (US version)